Caregivers of Children with Health Issues

Caring for a child with health issues can be both rewarding and exhausting. There are many challenges that may present themselves when caring for a child with health issues. As a result of these challenges, feelings of anxiety, fear and sadness, among other feelings, may emerge. The Center for Caregivers offers 3 types of services for those caregivers who are interested in supportive services to help them in their caregiving experience: individual counseling, support groups and home visits. A free, initial phone consultation is available to help a caregiver determine which service would suit her or his needs.

Therapy Groups

Often individuals who are caring for a child with health issues may want to meet with others who are going through similar situations. The Center for Caregivers offers weekly 60-minute therapy groups that meet for 4-week sessions. The only requirement is that the caregiver takes care of a child of any age who has health issues that can be challenging. Group size is limited and one must pre-register to participate.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available to caregivers of children with health issues. In a secure, private environment, caregivers have the opportunity to focus on their personal experience of caring for a child with health issues. Individual sessions are 50 minutes in length.Home Visits

When caring for a child with health issues, it may difficult for a caregiver to find a qualified babysitter to watch the child, or the caregiver may be too exhausted to travel for an office visit. Home visits are available under these circumstances. The length of time for a home visit is 50 minutes.