Pregnancy can be a time of hope and excitement, but it can also be a time of anxiety and confusion. Sometimes the worry and fear that a woman feels when she is pregnant can be overwhelming, and she could benefit from the support of others, either in a group setting and/or on an individual basis. Some pregnant women may not be able to leave their homes because they are on bed rest. In this type of situation, home visits are available. A free, initial phone consultation is available to help a caregiver-to-be determine which service would suit her or his needs.

Therapy Groups

The Center for Caregivers offers Therapy Groups that meet once a week for 60 minutes and are scheduled for 4-week sessions. Pregnant women come together and discuss their feelings in a warm and supportive environment. Therapy groups are available to women in the second or third trimester of their pregnancy (individual counseling is available in the first trimester). Group size is limited and one must pre-register to participate.

Individual Counseling

The Center for Caregivers offers individual counseling to pregnant women at any point in their pregnancy. Each person’s journey through pregnancy is unique and individual counseling allows the client a focused concentration on her personal experience. Individual sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Home Visits

Some pregnant women may need to be on bed rest to protect their health and the health of their babies. During that time, a woman may be confronted with fears and anxieties and may not be able to leave her home. Home visits are available, during these times, in which the counselor can go to that woman’s home and provide therapy. Home visits are 50 minutes in length.